Inishmore (Irish: Árainn Mhór or Inis Mór) is the largest of the Aran Islands on the Wild Atlantic Way off the Galway coast in Ireland. It has an area of 31 square kilometres. Inishmore has a population of about 840, making it the largest of the Aran Islands in terms of population. The island is famous for its strong Irish culture, loyalty to the Irish language, and a wealth of pre-Christian and Christian ancient sites.
Dun Aengus fort on InishmoreCliffs on Inishmore at sunsetLocal farmer on Inishmore islandClear waters across to Galway bayTeampall Bheanain or St. Benan's church on InishmoreKilmurvey beachBoat moored at the quayside in Kilronan on InishmoreWhite horse on InishmoreView along the coastline of Inishmore islandLucky star bar on InishmoreKilmurvey sunsetBull on InishmoreInterior of Dun Aengus fortGrass path on Inishmore"Mike"sitting on the wall at Kilmurvey beachDun Aengus fort on Inishmore at sunsetCenotaphs on InishmoreDaisies on InishmorePath to teampall Bheanain or St. Benan's church on InishmoreMen rowing currach across the bay