Inisheer (Irish: Inis Oírr, the island's official name, Inis Oirthir, meaning "east island", and traditionally Inis Thiar, meaning "rear island") is the smallest and most eastern of the three Aran Islands on the Wild Atlantic Way off the Galway coast in Ireland. Inisheer has a population of about 297, making it the second smallest of the Aran Islands in terms of population.
Thatch cottage on InisheerBeach on InisheerCrosses in the cemetery on InisheerPlassey ship wreck on InisheerDiving on InisheerBeach on InisheerOld church on InisheerSunset on InsheerO'Brien's castle on InisheerBeach and castle on InisheerO'Brien's castle on InisheerLighthouse on InisheerBoat jetty on InisheerTeampall Chaomháin on InisheerStone wall on InisheerPath to beach on InisheerO'Brien's castle on InisheerClear water around InisheerPath to beach on InisheerOld church on Inisheer