The Inishkea Islands (Irish: Inis Gé) are situated on the Wild Atlantic Way off the coast of the Mullet peninsula in Mayo. There are two main islands - Inishkea North and Inishkea South. These islands lie between Inishglora island to the north and Duvillaun island to the south. The islands are relatively low lying and are covered in machair. Fine white sand is found everywhere, often blown into drifts by the strong winds especially along the beach beside the harbour where it fills the houses of the abandoned village. The sea surrounding the islands is crystal clear. The inhabitants of both Inishkea North and South left the islands in the 1930s after most of their young men died at sea in a storm.
Inishkea beachSunset over the Inishkea islandsInishkea cottageDonkey on Inishkea island beachInishkea IslandAbandoned village on Inishkea islandInishkea beaconInishkea lightInishkea doorwayCrystal waters of Inishkea baySummer on Inishkea islandCottage ruin on Inishkea beachVillage house on Inishkea islandView from top of Inishkea islandInishkea abandoned villageDoorway on Inishkea islandStanding on the pier on Inishkea islandCottage interior on Inishkea islandAbandoned home on Inishkea islandInishkea south