J. Cop, California, US

I spent three days with Trish on the West coast of Ireland two weeks ago and she’s a terrific guide with an in depth knowledge of where to go and when to be there. She’s also a pleasure to travel with . I intend to use her services again when I return in 2020. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. A++.

A.Doherty, Cork, Ireland

I recently undertook a workshop with Trish, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Trish is a very experienced photographer and I found her to be an intuitive teacher, focusing on my strengths and interests. The day unfolded organically as a result. Her patient, observant manner allowed me to develop my own style of photography. I am looking forward to another workshop with Trish in the future

F. Finlay, Cork, Ireland

“Trish is also an inspiring, encouraging, and organised teacher – and a lot of fun to be with. We had a great day together, starting at dawn and ending when the sun set. Throughout the day she encouraged me constantly to slow down, think about my shots, use the principles of good composition, really examine where the eye was being led in the frame and check the light” Read more about Finola’s workshop here on her blog – https://roaringwaterjournal.com/tag/trish-punch-photography/

K. Clemons, Maine, US

I was lucky enough to spend 2 days with Trish Punch exploring some beautiful locations in Ireland. Trish was extremely knowledgeable about the locations she brought us to, and very willing to find places that fit the criteria we had given her. The places she shared with us were wonderful for making photographs as well as avoiding crowds. Trish is a gifted photographer, and her knowledge of the area and locations was invaluable to my group. I would highly recommend doing a photo tour with her, I can’t wait to return to Ireland to do another one myself.

C. Hamilton, Winston-Salem, NC

Trish Punch took three American photographers under her wing. We were enraptured by her tales while she took us to amazing spots in East and West Cork. We went to Waterford, saw Ardmore village and the round tower in the cemetery. Lismore Castle brought us amazing flowers, macro lenses and more stories. Perhaps the highlight of our wonderful days with her was an amazing tree we spotted in the middle of a farmer’s field. It was private property, but she was undaunted, backed up her car, and we shot images for about an hour over the fence. Those images are my favorites from our adventure. Without Trish, we would have missed so much of our Irish experience. She is a fantastic photographer, and a wonderful friend, and I would highly recommend her as a group leader, taking people to the ends of the earth.

W. Townson, Boston, MA

Trish is a friendly, talented photographer who knows Ireland and the countryside extremely well. She takes you to popular destinations as well as off the beaten path gems. She’s aware of what places work and at what times of the day, depending on the light. She passes along her knowledge of filters and camera settings in a friendly, helpful, non-intimidating way. Always easy to talk to and ask questions to and a pleasure to spend time with. I look forward to shooting with her again.

M. Mc Sweeney, Ballydehob, Cork

I highly recommend a workshop with Trish. I learned of new scenic ‘hideouts’ in my own local area some of which I have visited again since.  Over coffee, I received excellent succinct notes on principles of photography as the West Cork rain passed. I came away from this workshop knowing exactly what equipment and software I needed next but also having spent what certainly felt like ‘a day in the life of a professional photographer’! Trish very kindly shares which settings she uses to achieve the natural finish in her shots. I am still benefitting from this workshop.

B. Larby, Dublin

Met Trish in Dingle and she ferried me around some wonder landscapes.  I am a complete novice - barely understood my own camera.  She was patient and understanding and also great craic - which always helps.  Extremely knowledgeable and loaned me her tripod and filters without any hassle.  I had the best day and what's more she helped me enormously.  I left with a confidence and a desire to practise and some great shots.  I would highly recommend her for her workshops.  You won't regret it.  A lovely time away in that beautiful contryside with someone who is so easy to be with.

B. Whelan, Dublin

Trish was so flexible and generous with her time. She was completely unfazed by the cold and wet day we had and took me through composition, aperture and shutter priority. I got some wonderful results and her tuition has stood to me ever since.

F. Flanagan, Wexford

 I recently undertook a 1 Day Landscape Photography Tuition Workshop with Trish, along The Copper Coast in Waterford. From the outset, Trish taught me about composition, exposure, shutter speed, aperture and light. In a very light friendly way she taught me how to understand the use of the filters. As this was one of my main areas of request I was delighted to be using the Big Stopper effortlessly and correctly for the first time within 30 minutes of our first stop.

 Trish knew all the best photographic locations along the route for the day. I had brought with me a list of photographic questions on areas of technical confusion that I needed to learn and I got all the answers and clarity I needed from Trish.

She is very aware of getting the location, composition, exposure and light correct at the time of taking the photograph. Taking time to set it up right in camera is her aim. What you see is what you get.

I had a great day in all. Trish was very easy to learn from.  I took some lovely photographs. I can highly recommend Trish as a great landscape photographer tutor.  It's over to me now to continue the learning curve and practice all I was taught and shown. Onwards and upwards.

Thanks Trish for all your help and expertise

 D. Tarr, Maine

 I spent a delightful day with Trish chasing 'Lady Light' all over Slea Head and the Dingle Peninsula. Conditions were challenging and Lady Light was tricky and elusive. However Trish was determined and knows the area well so we were hot on her trail all day as we had to be quick when she came out of hiding.
I love slow exposures so Trish helped me choose filters and got me using my GND filter along with my ND filters with great effect. She gave me gentle prodding with compositions and setups along with overall good and helpful advice. Trish's knowledge of photography and the area were invaluable resulting in some wonderful images. Not to mention all the great fun we had while taking them.

 To see a collection of Dick's images from our photography workshop on the day, watch his video below


N. Wheal, Kent, UK

 Whilst on holiday in West Cork for a couple of weeks I had the good fortune to be able to set up a One to One session with Trish. I had spent a couple of months researching local photographers prior to the trip and it was Trish’s images that resonated the most with me, Trish’s images put the scene centre stage in all it glory.

The actual day with Trish was a great experience, not only from a learning perspective but also from the local knowledge that enables you to be at the location without the need for endless scouting. I would recommend Trish’s one to one courses at the drop of a hat, and when I return again next year I will ensure I arrange another day with Trish on a different peninsula.

 Thanks Trish for all your help and expertise

J. Donovan, Cork

 Spent the day with Trish Punch who was my guide and mentor for the day. I can highly recommend her workshops as a gift for anybody with an interest in photography. 

 To see a collection of John's images from his photography workshop, check out his album below

Dingle photography workshop images

 S. Kasven, Florida, US

“On a recent trip to Ireland, I had the pleasure of attending a private workshop with Trish Punch.  Even the though the weather was dreadful, I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Trish is clearly passionate about photography and extremely knowledgeable in local locations and camera technique.  Thanks to Trish’s expertise, I came home with some incredible photos despite the weather.  I felt like I had spent the day with a friend and I certainly hope to take another workshop with Trish.”     

———S. Kasven, July 2018